Zalo Web

Zalo’s Internet access.

As far as instant messaging software is concerned in Vietnam, there is no better option than Zalo. They are simply visiting Chat. Zalo. Me and logging into Zalo are required to make free phone calls and send text messages to others. Zalo’s online version includes all of the most important features, allowing users to have the best possible experience when using the service.

Zalo web highlights:

  • You may communicate with anybody, from anywhere, at any time with Zalo Web (including text chat, regular calls, and video calls)
  • There is no need to download or install any software.
  • This application takes up no storage space on the smartphone.
  • Viruses are not a source of worry.
  • There isn’t a lot of physical exertion necessary in this situation.
  • Consistent performance.

The Zalo Web Online service may be accessed with any web browser, including Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Furthermore, Zalo Web has a user interface similar to the Zalo PC version, so you will not encounter any difficulties or shortcomings while using this free chat tool. The QR code may be scanned to quickly connect to your Zalo account if you use the Zalo app for Android or the Zalo app for iPhone.

Although a few features are missing from the online version of Zalo, it is fast enough to allow you to connect with Zalo at any time and from any location. The Zalo Web, in contrast to the Zalo PC, can transfer images and videos up to 1GB in size, but it cannot send a folder as its whole. In addition, Zalo. vn makes it simpler to categorize clients and manage groups than before.

The essential qualities of Zalo Web are as follows:

  • It is possible to get funny stickers.

You may utilize sticker sets in several different ways. Additionally, you may interact with your loved ones via the use of GIFs and Emojis.

  • Create regular reminders for significant dates in your calendar.

When you use Zalo, you won’t have to worry about forgetting about your scheduled appointments. By picking a day and time for any solo or group conversation, you may make an appointment for it.

  • Send photos and videos to [email protected].

Therefore, Zalo Web cannot transmit whole folders compared to Zalo on a desktop or laptop computer.

Immediate communication

Pre-written messages and debates are replaced with shortcuts adapted to each user’s preferences.

When you want to send a quick message, all you have to do is press the slash (/) key and type in the shortcut that has been installed to send it in the message window. Chat.

You may transmit files up to 1 GB in size to the recipient.

Sending large files of up to 1GB is possible using Zalo Web, which is comparable to Zalo PC in functionality.

The message of great significance

A new feature that enables users to send red alerts and emergency bells has been added to Zalo PC and Zalo Mobile, just released as part of an update.

Sending a business card is a good idea.

You may give your contacts a card, and the recipient just has to click on the card to begin texting or talking with the sender and other recipients.


Businesses and agencies may use Zalo to assign work. The job’s progress will be recorded appropriately and informed when projects are finished or if there is a delay in completing the task.

Message Design and Formatting

Using Zalo Web makes it possible to format messages similarly to how you would prepare them in text editors.

Make a list of items that you want to keep in mind.

It is no longer necessary to use a separate note-taking application with Zalo online’s note-taking feature.


It is possible to utilize polls in chat groups or pick from many possibilities to make the best decision.

To locate a message, enter the text into the search box.

When using Zalo’s service, you may quickly find any discussion content by entering keywords about the subject matter to be searched in each chat window of the service.

Create a secret chat room for your employees.

If you’re having a private conversation, you may set a pin so that no one else can hear what you’re saying. Because the Zalo pin you set will expose the contents of the message, only you can view what is written in the message.

Messages that are designed to self-destruct

If you continue to send self-destructing messages for an extended period, they will be removed by the system itself. Your may program messages to self-destruct after one day, seven days, or thirty days by selecting the More Settings option in the right menu of the chat window and entering the desired period.

Organizing and categorizing the individuals with whom you’ve talked


Zalo Web, like Zalo PC, enables users to categorize and organize their Zalo contacts into various groups. To organize your contacts more personalized manner, you may create several cards for each unique contact, each with a different colour to make it easier to distinguish between them.

Uploading and downloading files from and to the cloud are both possible.

At this spot, Zalo users may conveniently store and sync their documents with one another. As the name suggests, the cloud will allow us to have access to all of our data from any device. Thank you for your assistance. Many different file and data formats are available for transmitting and receiving files and data.

Besides that, Zalo Web allows you to pay all of your bills in one spot, including energy bills, water bills, sales taxes, group projects, and purchases. A plus is that you may utilize the File Transfer tool to transfer files from your computer to your phone and vice versa as an extra convenience. Several other capabilities are available, including the ability to create and share choices, notes, tasks, and the option to highlight essential interactions.


Zalo Web provides a broader range of capabilities.

  • You can make free phone calls and text messages to individuals in your phonebook.
  • Through the chat window, you may send files up to 1 GB in size, and you can also attach files.
  • At any one time, you may deliver a total of 50 photos concurrently.
  • It is possible to send greeting cards, stickers, animations, and other items.
  • Make use of groups to keep your talks with colleagues, friends, and family on track and organized.
  • Utilize Zalo on your phone to sync messages and ensure that you never miss an essential conversation again!
  • In a discussion, it is acceptable to utilize emoticons.
  • Make your contacts visible on Zalo.
  • Contacts are synced automatically.
  • You may view conversation history and conversation content with relative ease.
  • The feature facilitates making new friends and promoting them to others.
  • Media and files that have been shared may be viewed in their entirety.
  • The “File Transfer” feature allows you to transfer data from the Zalo internet to the Zalo mobile version.
  • Pin communication helps you distinguish between critical communications and those that are not.
  • It is simpler to follow along if your discussions are color-coded (customers, friends, work, colleague).
  • Turn off the notifications that appear whenever someone sends you a new message.
  • The friend’s list will be updated when new friends and Chat groups are added.
  • It is possible to see information about pals who are now chatting.
  • Without changing the person’s name in the phone book, it is possible to rename any Zalo in the chat window.
  • All communications that have been categorized as necessary will be shown.
  • By connecting to the Internet, you will access Zing MP3 immediately.
  • Take a look at the messages others have tagged you.
  • Find friends by searching by their names or phone numbers.

Users may also customize their Zalo. vn experience by changing the language, using keyboard shortcuts, and accessing other fundamental features included in the Settings section. You may customize your chat background, notification settings, and pin codes for private discussions in the same way as you do with Zalo on your computer.

The simplicity of use provided by the Zalo Web version is causing an increase in the number of customers turning to it. You will entirely synchronize all messages and settings to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.

By using Zalo Web, you no longer have to worry about your phone’s battery life running out or about using a low-profile PC with additional software installed that causes your computer to slow down while using it.

Instructions for logging into Zalo Web

Take a look at what you receive whether you use any online browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Coc Coc. Next, visit Zalo Web and log in using your Zalo credentials. You may log into your Zalo Web account by entering your phone number and password, or you can scan a QR code with your mobile device to access your account.

  • Access is granted only using a PIN and a password. If you are requested for another verification code, type it in and click Login with a password.
  • There is no password to enter: After that, click on the Submit login request button to have your phone number sent to the server. Call your phone to ensure that you are still in the login session.
  • Scan the following QR code:It is possible to visit Zalo Web by scanning the QR Code with your phone.

As a Zalo user, you can only access your Zalo account from a single computer or browser at a time.

Log in to Zalo using your phone number as a username and password.

To utilize your previously saved phone number and password, enter them in the Phone number and Password box, respectively. After that, click Sign in with a password to complete the process.

The scanning of QR codes may access zalo.

It is possible to find the With QR code tab at the very top of the main interface. To log in to your account, open the Zalo app on your phone, choose the QR code area, and scan the QR code shown on the computer screen with your phone.

Instructions for logging into Zalo Web from a mobile device

To learn how to use Zalo on two different phones simultaneously, go to this blog article, which includes detailed instructions.

This is the first stage in the process.

Install the Zalo app on your phone and log into Zalo as you usually would on phone number 1.

 Then, on the second phone, use the Chrome web browser and choose the three dots icon -> Website for the PC from the Zalo phone that is not presently signed in.


To log in, click on the Login link, or go to to reach the online login page.

your Zalo phone number or scanning a QR code (scan with the phone with the logged-in Zalo application installed – Phone number 1 ).

As soon as you download and install the Zalo app on your first phone, you’ll get an email confirming that you’ve successfully signed in on your second phone. It is possible to already utilize the same account on two different Android devices due to this.

If you have an iPhone, you can only use the “Website for computer” option using the Google Chrome web browser.